Back to the drawing board

Enjoying the scenery on my rides I’ve often thought it would be nice to take some on the saddle video. I don’t have a Go-Pro or similar camera so I thought maybe I could make do with the cameras I already have. My Lumia Windows phone actually takes quite nice footage so I got the idea I could rig it up to the bike somehow. I already went and bought a cheap Chinese phone cover and a prism that would allow me to look at the screen while riding.

Yesterday I decided I would try to build the concoction. Of course not everything went as planned. My efforts of creating a holster from alloy sheet (the same one I used for the Tune Cappy shim) for the prism did not produce pretty results. Despite the mess all was going reasonably well until I tried to attach everything together with blind rivets.

On other news today I switched from 25mm Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires to 23mm GP4000s after 2600km without punctures. The new tires roll quite a bit easier and seem to grip tighter when braking. Lock braking downhill almost threw me over the handlebars as I took them for a short spin. Time will tell whether this will be a hit or miss. I hope at least it doesn’t end in the same kind of fiasco like the phone holder.


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