Word of the day: Serendipity

Today I woke up late and ended up missing the start of the group ride by just few short minutes. I tried to catch up the slowest group and just as I was giving up hope the fastest one caught up with me. They had had some mechanical problems and had taken a short detour. At the heat of the moment I decided to join in and to my surprise managed to hang for most of the ride. The horrid Rinnekoti hill, the awfully hot weather and the speed finally got to me in Klaukkala and I had to jump off only 10km from the finish. As an insult to injury I bumped into my sister-in-law just as I had to surrender. You could think I would be bitter, but in many ways today’s ride felt like I had graduated into real road riding. The other riders looked like bona fide road racers. The brisk speed means you had to react things much faster and there was rarely a moment where you didn’t need to put in effort pedaling. The riding is just so different as you have to push yourself and dig deep. So despite failing to finish I was really happy with myself. In addition I accomplished the season goal so now the rest of the summer I can spend just enjoying riding for myself. I’m a big fan of lucky occurrences.


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