Riding East

Today I went for a third ride of the week. Instead of the normal loop around lake Bodom I decided to opt for something different. Despite the headwind coming homeward riding east turned out to be a good decision. Just as I was getting in to my rhythm a black bike zoomed by. I had a quick look at the rear and spotted the unmistakable form of a charbon bike. I caught up and started chatting with the rider. It turned out Antti P. had just bought and built up a RB002 from CarbonZone. With the chinarello connection we had plenty to talk about and ended up riding together for almost 50k.. It was a real pleasure since Antti is genuinely nice fellow and I also got to see some secret roads. So, maybe it was proven that the charbon riders are a special breed and despite being quite rare species they do exist out there.


3 thoughts on “Riding East

  1. Hi! It was a pleasure to ride with you. Btw, I think I really need that tune cappy or something similar. The original one just does not work properly.

  2. Cheers,
    I guess I should have never mentioned the Tune Cappy to you. Now I infected you with the upgrade disease. The thing is it might not work since if you have already shortened the seat tube for the original one as they are different length (tune cappy height < original height).

  3. What I would do is look up whoever produces the ones for Ritte Cycles and Pedal Force. Those look nice, but can be hard to find, but skimming through catalogues of Taiwanese producers you can find some cool stuff.

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