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Last weekend I took part in my first ever 28kph group ride with the HePo club. I’m really happy how everything turned out. It was supposed to rain on that day, but the weather was fine, just little too sticky. I almost chickened out at the start, but at the final moment sprinted after the pack from the parking lot. I got to the back of the group and was expecting to just hang on for dear life. Surprisingly it didn’t feel all that bad. I even rode at the lead for 15-20k in the last quarter. Back at the parking lot average of 29,3kph was clocked for the close to 100km loop.

Heading home I somehow managed to turn my saddle sideways. It was easy turn back on the spot, but back at the garage I had to fiddle with the Tune Cappy a bit. Either it has loosened or the carbon has been eaten away. During the ride I noticed my left hamstring getting bit agitated. I already tried fixing the issue with moving a cleat and that helped with same side knee. I concluded that I will try to raising my saddle 5mm. Fortunately there is some in margin for play in the Tune Cappy so I created a shim from a sawn off bit of the ISP. We will see how that will work out.


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