Club ride virgin

This was a cool week cycling wise. On Monday I took part in a sustainability theme week  event organized by my current employer. As part of the event local cycling club HePo organized a short group ride training and a ~70k ride. We only had three participants  so it was more like a private training session than nothing else. We rode to lake Bodom, up the Velskola hills and back towards Helsinki via Klaukkala. The best part was having the opportunity to chat with somebody  so much above your own level, but still sharing the same passion. The day was crowned with cycling to and from a Metallica concert. I ended up with a 115km for the day.

After getting the needed encouragement I went on my first ever club ride today. HePo organizes several weekly rides and I decided to take them up on their offer on  this Sunday’s ride. There was the chance to get some group riding instruction so you really do not need any prior experience. I had originally thought I could give the 28km/h group a try, but chickened out in the last moment. I wound up in the leasurely 25km/h group and had the chance to enjoy the nice weather. The day was almost ruined by some idiot who first cursed us passing and then stopped by the road. We got the last laugh as there was a police officer taking part in the ride.  The ride ended smoothly and I got home with another 102km under my belt.

So the only question is why haven’t I done this before? I guess I just needed a nudge.


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