Sportive virgin

On Sunday I’m supposed to take part in my very first sportive. The Giro d’Espoo course is 111km with some heavy climbs especially in the end part of the course. The weather is supposed to be good. The bike is in a fairly good shape. I do still need to lubricate the chain, but I’m not sure I want to take the risk with derailleur fine-tuning as it is reasonable now. I have done over 500km already this season so generally I think I should be pretty well prepared. The only problem is that I have developed some soreness on my left hamstring. It might have been caused by a too long seat tube or my legs are just different lengths. I might change the position of the cleat to counter-balance things. The new Sidi shoes are little too narrow and that might have an effect also. I just don’t want to aggravate things so I’m not sure what I will do. I’m supposed to be riding with my brother-in-law most of the way so I hope I don’t slow him down too much. We have been contemplating between 26 and 28km/h groups, but I’m just aiming to finish without bonking or crashing.


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