Rear derailleur problems

Today I went on a 85km ride with some mates. I had spent two nights at the garage trying to fix the derailleur issues, but it seems I’m not in the clear yet. It was really annoying trying to keep up when the chain keeps jumping going up the hills of the route. I’m afraid there is something wrong with the rear derailleur hanger area of the frame as it seems the derailleur hanger has bent for the forth time. I’m hoping changing to a new cassette and new chain will fix the problem. If not at least I need to fix the root problem way before the sportive ride at end of May.

The other day I went to the local bike shop (LBS) to get my vintage racer frame welded. Once I was there I just couldn’t help myself and give the Specialized Venge frame quick feel about. The frame did feel solid and the green matte paint finish was very sexy. However the frame didn’t feel awfully light compared to my frame and if the finishing touches would be all you get for 3,5k€ frame it really isn’t a bargain. Of course there has been lot of (over-)engineering done with the adjustable seatpost and head set so it is up to you if the added-safety and bragging rights are worth 3k€ to you.


2 thoughts on “Rear derailleur problems

  1. Ok,
    So after discussing about the derailleur issue on the Internet forum and taking the rear end apart it seems the biggest problem is the fact that the alloy on the rear derailleur hanger is so soft that it is really easy to bend it. It could also be that the plane of the dropout might also be little off and make the problem more likely to reoccur with a new hanger. Now since this seems to be a reoccurring problem I wonder whether I should reinforce the hanger and risk breaking the frame or if I should buy an alignment gauge à 75€.

  2. I bought some cheapo RD005 hangers from seller a_baygoods on eBay for 6 bucks (2 pieces including postage). Seems to be the same size and shape as the original. The only difference I can notice is the different shape of screws, but the old ones fit will probably not be a problem.

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