Turn for worse or better?

I haven’t written anything in a few days since there has been very limited progress in the build. I have put my effort in my other passion, vintage racing bicycles. I bought an old Olmo and now need to sell my Rossin single speed. Also there was a sudden snowfall so I haven’t really had the urge to finish off setting up the derailleurs. I just hate the task. I can never remember which limit screw does what so it always ends up taking ages to get everything just right. Anyways I need to start riding soon if I want to get the necessary miles in for the season starting sportive at end of May.


One thought on “Turn for worse or better?

  1. I finally got around to messing with the derailleur settings. It seems the old settings should work just fine, but I had to shorten the cables, change the derailleur hanger and shorten the chain. It amazes me how much shorter the cables need to be for 55cm compared to my old 58cm frame. I have had to change new hangers all the time so there must something seriously wrong with material for the hangers or how they are attached to the frame. The chain length problem is also something I have ran into before. I think I keep leaving them long to err on the right side partly due to my unwillingness to trust what is said on the Internet. Chain on biggest rings plus two pieces is a proven rule of thumb i will follow from now on.

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