Fiddling with Tune Cappy

I went to the local Prisma supermarket yesterday in search of some shim fabrication supplies. I found some 0,8mm aluminum and pliers for cutting the sheet for about 15€. There was also a 0,5mm steel sheet available, but I thought alloy is lighter and will be easier to work with. The potential downside is that it might weld into the Tune Cappy as the alloy oxidases. I ended up cutting and filing 4,5cm x 5cm piece that works fine. I think once I’m absolutely sure the ISP height is right I will add some carbon grease to make sure Tune Cappy stays put.

On other news HongFu got back to me on the front fork brake hole issue. They have instructed me to send the fork back and they will send me a new one. The thing is I already found a work-around solution to attaching the brake and I would not like to ruin the season beginning. Of course the I now run the risk of ruining the whole bike (and my face for that matter) if the fork fails due to my little exercise with a drill. Since everything else is ready I think I will take the risk at least so that I get the riding position tuning finished.


One thought on “Fiddling with Tune Cappy

  1. The basic problem is the Integrated Seat Post (ISP) outside diameter is 37mm while the suitable size Tune Cappy runs at 38.35mm for it’s inner diameter. So in effect you will need to have 0.675mm shim all around the seat post to fit things perfectly.

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