Build stalled

All was going well with the build, but now the progress has stalled. I have already cut some of the integrated seat post off, but I have had trouble finding a suitable shim for the Tune Cappy. I tried slicing some pieces from a Carlsberg can, but being so thin that didn’t really work out even using multiple layers. I think I need something in the 0.5mm range. I will try hitting the hardware store and see what I can find.

On other news of course now that I have my bike almost ready for the road HongFu has come out with a new model. I wasn’t feeling the earlier aero models, but the FM066 does look amazing. I did ask my contact multiple times during the purchasing process whether they have anything new cooking. Of course it would have been nice to be privy to this information, but actually I don’t mind since the price is still quite high and I would have still gone with the FM015 anyway.

One of the things the new model is advertised with is lighter weight. I’m wondering whether even the new FM015s are actually being produced with lighter materials. I haven’t done any weighting, but this new frame does definitely feel lighter, but it could be just be the lack of paint, difference between 55cm/58cm or my memory just playing tricks on me. However it is I’m really keen on getting on the road. There is an interesting BC Hellsinki 140km group ride to Porvoo in mid April and I need to get the bike tuned and some mileage in before that.


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