Build started

I got the new frame yesterday so today I just had to start building it up. The two things that I spent most time with last time were the headset and bottom bracket installations. Failing at either one will ruin the frame for good so it is a high stakes task. I don’t know whether it was just the fact that I had done it once already or whether I got lucky this time, but this time things turned out surprisingly simple.

I started by cleaning up the bottom bracket grooves from alloy silt with some dry tissues. I also used a sharp ended tool to remove some stuff still in the grooves. I greased the bottom bracket and this time it was really easy to install the GPX bottom bracket. With the headset all I had to do was keep the bearing in the freezer for a while and it popped right in. So good so far. Of course there is still plenty to do.

I will still need to cut the steerer tube and seat tube. I already measured the seat tube + seat pin length from my other bike, but I will need to get the seatpin topper before I do the cutting. If worst comes to worst I checked that I could just install the old seat pin inside the ISP tube and rig up some kind of tensioning system. We will see how it goes. I will remove short sections at a time and I hope with care I will not have too much of problem.

At the moment I’m more worried about some more mundane stuff. The fact is that the brake nut hole in the front fork is too small. If I recall right there was in issue like this last time as well. I suppose I will need to remove some excess residue again. I will need to investigate further. Another problem is that the old derailleur cables have frayed so I might need to get some new ones or at least some good cable cutters to be able to finish the build.


One thought on “Build started

  1. I took a closer look at the brake and cable issues. There are good news and bad news. It seems the brake hole has been drilled at a wrong angle to the fork. Consequently I will not able to mount a brake unless the hole is enlarged with a 6mm drill bit a little on bottom side. I already gave some feedback to Hong Fu. On the good side cables should not be a problem. I will just to drop by the my LBS and get some 1.1mm SRAM derailleur cables and maybe even a new brake cable. I knew I forgot something when I made the latest purchases on the web. The shipment with Tune Cappy is supposed to arrive tomorrow so if all goes well I should be able to start fitting soon.
    PS. I know this site nothing without pictures. I already took some, but you just have to wait a bit.

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