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Hong-Fu did not have the non-isp version of FM015 in UD matte finish in stock so I ended up ordering the ISP version in glossy UD. As far as I know it should be fairly straight forward task to apply sandpaper to achieve the stealth matte effect if I want. I haven’t been a big fan of integrated seat posts, but I always think you need to give news things a try and it just didn’t sound like a good idea to pay for something that is not in stock. I did a little search for seat pin toppers and it seems there isn’t a whole lot of variety as the ISP movement seems to be going out of style. Tune Cappy seems to be the best option and the cheap heavy alternative is the Richey Stubby. There are some other high-end alternatives, but quite frankly I don’t see a point paying 50% of what the frame is worth just for couple of pieces of alloy. Anyways I hope I get the frame soon so I can start building it up and hunting for parts. The roads are almost clear of ice and my steel Rossin I use for roller training is so bad fit for me that it makes my back hurt. I need to get on the road.


3 thoughts on “Order in

  1. Now I feel bit cheated by Hong-fu. Despite mentioning the need for a fork dozens of times I had to shell out additional 50€ for the fork. The lesson here is that the merchants are in it to make money and will try their best to accomplish stripping you from your hard-earned cash.

    • with chinese merchants, you can always bargain the price down, your 50€ is $50 for me. so just ask, there are many chinese merchants that would rather have your business, trust me!

  2. Well, I suppose you’re right. It would be interesting to find the lowest prices. The lesson is you need to be sure what you want. When you got everything else paid for they have your money as hostage.

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