Review: Riding kit from China

I’m a sucker for ridiculous cheap deals so I just had to give DealExtreme riding pants a try. I made the order and the shipment arrived in about a week. The XL size matches the sizing chart and generally the quality of the product seems fine. The material feels very cheap, but I think the pants will work as breathable undergarments as advertised. The thing I’m worried about is that the padding seems quite high (8mm) and covers only a small area compared to my bibs from Briko and Löffler.

I went for a short ride today. I was supposed to ride little longer, but it started to rain and I decided to cut back home. Based on today’s 30km ride I think I will not be using these underpants much. There was no chafing or anything like that, but I feel the small area of the padding could affect blood circulation in the groin. I just don’t want to be taking any chances with prostate problems. It was small investment so there is very little to lose.


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