How street credible is a Chinarello?

Today I did some shopping for bike parts at an open air flea market organized by the local fixie skidders. I was little apprehensive how my multi-speed Chinarello would be received since these guys have some seriously nice bikes and we all know the bike geeks can be highly critical. Also there is definitely some animosity between the single-speed crowd and the road bike riders. They are two very different demographics for sure. Nevertheless I feel much more at home with this grungy bunch than with the super-athletic road dogs. I was very happy to strike up some conversations and they seemed genuinely interested when I proudly announced I was driving a Chinarello. I think I even managed to turn some heads. It seems that the chinese knock-offs are still rare enough in these parts of the world that I could have just as well arrived riding a unicorn. How cool is that?


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