Personalizising your bike

Much of the allure of buying an open mold carbon frame is the possibility to affect not just how your bicycle rides, but also how it looks. The manufacturers are willing to accommodate almost any kind of decorative needs and of course it is also possible to apply finishing touches yourself.

You will have the options to:

  1. Leave the frame bare with just lacquer on top of the carbon weave pattern
  2. Getting it painted in your favorite color
  3. Applying decals with lacquer on top or getting it done
  4. Applying stickers
  5. Going really creative and drawing with a felt-tip pen directly on the frame

Personally I was in a hurry to get the frame order in so I didn’t have time to think about the decals. I don’t mind that leaving the frame blank without any corporate insignia can be considered a statement and a nod off to the “no logo”-movement


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