Lessons learned

Autumn is definitely already here so it is a good time to look at the decisions in retrospect. So here is a list of what would I have done differently or what will I do differently next time.

  1. White paint job is really not for somebody who is not interested swiping dust off every nook and cranny of the frame after every ride. Also the paint is going to crack in the joints sooner or later and adds some unnecessary weight on the bike anyway.
  2. Marathon Plus tyres are so heavy that they almost defeat the purpose of using a light carbon frame and decent wheelset. I haven’t had puncture yet (knock-knock), but I think I probably should buy a pair of lighter 23s.
  3. “Anatomic” handlebar has not really worked for me. I think normal round one could cause much less numbness in my hands. Also I could then install those cross levers I already ordered.
  4. Buy five (5) extra derailleur hangers and stems in all available lenghts (90mm, 100mm, 110mm). Hangers don’t cost jack shit and you can always offload the extra stems on an auction site for the price you paid for them.
  5. Make sure to install a long enough chain and buy an extra chain as you will need to change it anyway after a while.

Overall not too bad I suppose…


4 thoughts on “Lessons learned

  1. I was thinking of ordering Conti’s Gatorskins as I have had some good experiences with them before. In case you are planning on ordering charbon frame or parts to Finland please let me know. I might want to order another handlebar, some stems and couple derailleur hangers more, but can’t justify the postage costs.

  2. Thanks for the offer. I think I’m done with part purchases for this Summer (just got new wheels, they truly make a difference!). It would be cool to build a carbon bike, nevertheless. I guess that will have to wait till the next Spring at least.

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