Tomorrow is a long day

With the wheels trued the charbon bike is finally back in working order. To celebrate the occasion I’m planning on doing my longest ride ever tomorrow. I’m planning on riding at least part of the journey from Helsinki to Tampere. To jump over the boringly flat first 50km the plan is to take the bus to Hyvinkää. From there I hope I can make it to Kangasala (110km) on my own. If everything goes well I maybe even make it all the way to Tampere (130km). Tomorrow is supposed to be scorching hot (26C) with chance of rain showers so my backup plan is to take the train from Hämeenlinna (55km) to Tampere. With just little less than 12h before designated start time I’m obviously quite anxious already. I have gone through the route several times and packed plenty to drink. I think I’m ready. Wish me luck!


One thought on “Tomorrow is a long day

  1. It was a long day, but I’m finally at the destination. I did the 135km 5,5 hours. With the breaks included the whole trip took about 6 hours. The road was wet in couple of places, but I managed to miss all the showers. What is best Chinarello performed well. The only problem I had was dropped chain which caused the chain to rub on the carbon frame for short moment. I haven’t had a chance to examine the damage behind the crankset, but I hope I can just repaint the spot.

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