Almost back in action

I have had the charbon bike out of action for a few weeks already. Obviously that has negatively affected my chances of reaching this summer’s goal. Now there are some good news and some bad ones. Yesterday I took the bike out for a spin and it seems that the creaking noises came from the rear wheel and not from the fine crack on the frame. I’m not happy about the fact that the crack is there, but at least it does not seem to affect the riding.

Today I finally received a package that was supposed to help solve the rest of the lingering problems. I had ordered a cyclo-cross lever and more importantly a Park Tool HW-13 spoke tool. Obviously since it is the last thing out of order I was really looking forward to tightening the spokes on the rear wheel. Much to my dismay the tool wasn’t compatible with Ksyrium Elite 2011 (!). This is the second wrong size tool I have ordered as nowhere on the mavic site do they give out the right spec.

How many times does Mavic engineers really need to change the spoke nut size anyway? If it is so important the least they should do is provide their customers with a working tool instead of that useless plastic one! Argh!


3 thoughts on “Almost back in action

  1. Oh crap,
    The cross-levers can’t be installed on the handlebars (HF-HB003) due to their “aero”-shape. I guess a road bike should not have a auxialiry levers anyway. I guess I will have to practice installation on wife’s cyclo-cross bike.

  2. Just for people searching for information on truing Mavic Ksyrium 2011 wheelset:

    Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheels do not use Mavic® 9mm threaded eyelets or 5.65mm integrated nipples. Consequently Park Tool HW-13 and X-tools Pro spoke wrenches are not compatible with 2011 Ksyrium Elites. I’m still waiting for the LBS and local Mavic importere find out what is the right tool.

  3. Park Tool HW-12 might be compatible. I got an alloy spare via my favourite LBS. Had to pay 15€, but at least I have working tool now. If anybody wants to buy the HW-13 cheap let me know.

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