Rivet repairs

After consulting the manufacturer I decided to fix the downtube cable adjuster issue by myself even though they offered to fix the issue if I sent the frame back on my own expense. I figured that mailing back and forth would just ruin the season for me, so I went ahead and bought a blind rivet package for 10€ at a local hardware store. Since the two holes were too close to each other I used a 4mm (or was it 5mm?) drill bit to increase the hole size manually about 1mm or so in the required direction. I was able to pop in the blind rivet and make the mend.

So far so good, I hope this will not affect the structural integrity of the downtube. I was hoping to get a waiver from the manufacturer before I started, but I think convenient language barrier got in the way. Anyways the manufacturer has promised to take a look at the issue once the season is over in case the problem persists.


2 thoughts on “Rivet repairs

  1. Hi
    How is the crack on the frame?
    Is it a serious one?

    I’m thinking of getting a ‘chinarello’, and putting my last name where the lettering is. (the frame will be painted in a pinarello prince theme).

    This will cost me $80 extra though.

    Is it better to just use decals on a bare frame?

    • The crack is fine. Well, at least I think it is. There is some creaking noise off the saddle, but I don’t think it is the frame.

      As far as the painting vs. decals goes it really depends what you want to accomplish. If you want some elaborate ornamentation all-over the bike mimicking a brand name frame I would definitely let the frame manufacturers painting department handle it. On the other hand if you just want your “own brand” or a name tag decals would be the way to go.

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