Since my last post three separate issues have cropped up. First of all the front wheel needs to be trued. I’m a big bloke so the front wheel gets plenty of punishment, but I think the real culprit is me tightening the spokes unevenly. The fix is going to take little longer than I would hope since I broke the plastic spoke wrench Mavic provides and I will need to order a metal replacement since there was none at the LBS. Meanwhile I will have to ride with one of my old tubular rims. On the other hand not riding for a little while would be fine since it has been uncomfortably hot (+25 C) anyway.

Another quite a bit nastier issue came to light. I realized the downtube cable adjuster is attached only from one side. Obviously this puts undue stress on the carbon frame. I have contacted the vendor, but it seems obvious there never was a blind rivet in the first hole since it would not have fit as the holes have just been drilled too close to each other. I don’t understand how I managed to ignore this potentially disastrous issue during the build. I think the obvious choice would be to make the hole a little larger and install a rivet. Let’s see what the manufacturer responds.

Thirdly I might have managed to get a crack on the frame while installing another bottle holder. I hope the 5cm long incision on the seat tube is just a scratch, but worst comes to worst the frame is ruined. Not good news especially since I have been using a torque wrench with all other installations. Only reason I did not use the screwdriver shaped torque tool this time was the fact that there was no room for it. Argh!


5 thoughts on “Problems…

  1. Yeah,
    talk about being lucky. I guess I just screwed in the barrel adjusters from top and never took a look underneath while building. If I hadn’t done a proper maintenance I would probably never have noticed the issue and sooner or later the cable movement would have eaten away the carbon and broken the frame.

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