First tune up

Generally it is a good idea to service a new bike after an initial breaking in period. It is impossible to say what is the exact mileage after which the bike needs its first maintenance. The right moment depends on variables such as the bike’s parts, rider weight and riding style. I decided it was time to do the first check up today as I have had a break in riding partly due to having been ill, but in all honesty partly also, because the first crush has worn off. So today before I went out for a ride to finish my first 200km together with the chinese beauty I did some tuning.

One thing I have noticed lately the Ksyrium Elite wheels have not been feeling as bomb-proof as they did on the first ride. Wheels were delivered with two plastic tools to adjust spoke tension, but no instructions what so ever for how to use them some reason. The Mavic web site did not prove very useful either. I got some hints from the web and once I tried it was pretty obvious the star shaped tool is used to turn the spoke nipple and the round one to hold the spoke blade in place. I tested spoke tension by hand and tightened just the loose ones. This might have been a mistake as it might have been wiser to loosen all the spokes a little first to release any pretension on the wheel.

I pumped some air into tyres and took off. The bike felt nimble and agile again.


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