Silly me!

I haven’t been writing anything in couple of days. This radio silence is partly due to the poor cycling weather overhanging northern Europe, partly because I’m a bit embarrased. I wrote about the potential issue with the right rear dropout. Now, there is definitely something funny about the right side dropout, but as embarrassing as it is to admit the obnoxious noise did not come from the rear at all. I have to confess that the weird sound was made by the computer magnet rubbing the sensor with weight transferred on to the right side. My only excuse is that troubleshooting problems that occur only on bike is notoriously difficult alone.

The good thing that has come out of possibly over-reacting to these problems is that I have been able to test how well the warranty process on these chinese carbon frames works. My experience is that the while the vendor has not admitted to any fault the communication has been sincere and timely. Basically they have blown me off, but they have had the grace to do it nicely. I don’t know what would happen in case there was a real issue. Based on Internet rumours the normal course of action would be for the vendor to ask to return the frame.


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