Double trouble

Last night I took the bike out and unfortunately instead of one problem there was now two. I mentioned the creaking sound off the saddle in an earlier post, but now also the front derailleur would not switch on to the higher gear. I think the newly developed problem is related to me fiddling with the bottom bracket to isolate the creaking.  If I’m right it should be a fairly easy thing to fix. To really get to grips with the creaking after the ride I continued troubleshooting.

First I tightened the cassette that had loosened a little. Then I checked the rear triangle for any cracks. Finally I had a look at the non-drive side rear dropout. To my horror the axle is not snug in its place. It seems like either the dropout has been too wide from the beginning, the axle has eaten out some of the carbon fiber resin on the front side or both. I’m not sure what I could have done to avoid the issue. The quick-lock lever has been as tight as it can get.


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