On the road again

Yesterday I had a chance to go out on the first proper training ride. I went to see a ceramic artist mate burn his kiln in Klaukkala. All in all I did just 55km, but I was pretty wasted 5km before getting home. Attacking the hills is just so much fun on a light bike that I had used all my energy early on. I had chance to refill my bottle, but hauling some snacks would have been a good idea on a 2-hour ride like this. Anyways what is important the weather was excellent and I had good time. Little misery in the end just builds character, right?

On some of my earlier bikes I did hesitate hitting 60km on a downhill. This time there was no white-knuckled panic. Unfortunately there are still some other adjustment issues with the bike. The one I’m most worried about is a newly developed creaking sound any time I get off the saddle. I think it might be the Sram GPX bottom bracket acting up. I re-tightened everything and at the moment I don’t think it is anything potentially catastrophic. However it brings up a point that is kind of important for anybody considering building their own bike. You will have to be able to deal with the fear of dangerous errors in judgement.


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