Out to town

I finally wrapped the handlebars tonight and took the oriental beauty out to town for a little evening spin. I instantly felt very confident driving it and taking it to corners. The bike almost feels like a bullet train gliding on a magnetic track. You definitely can’t call it twitchy and with the 25mm tires the ride is almost buttery smooth. I didn’t have any problems getting across road repairs scattered all over city. I road for an hour or so and got little over 20km done.

Obviously my previous road bike was just sold for 10 times less than what building up the FM015 cost so my observations are probably not totally objective. However I have ridden lots of bikes these last few years. I have tried both alloy and classic steel frames with variety of tyre sizes. I have ridden both tubular and clincher wheels. I just test rode bunch of bikes this spring looking one for my wife. With this limited experience I’m willing to say FM015 is by far the best bike I have ever ridden.

One concern I have had is whether the 580 is little too big for me (183cm, short inseam). Today while driving my left hand went numb after 45 minutes which could indicate leaning too much forward. Not sure, but I  think if I lower the handlebar by adjusting the stack height the position could get better. I may be wrong of-course, but I’m really not terribly worried since I think today I should have changed my hand position bit more anyway. Also good news was that the second-hand Fi:zik Arione Tri2 saddle felt really comfortable.

There were some minor snagging issues still that I will need to talk to the head mechanic about. The drivetrain needs to be adjusted as I can’t get on the lowest gear on the back. I think I should be able to tune it just by tightening the cable using the quick adjusters. Another issue I’m bit more worried about is that when I was off the saddle there was some noise in the back. I’m betting is related to a slack chain so I will cut off couple of links more before next ride.


3 thoughts on “Out to town

  1. I’d call it twitchy, and this comes after spending the last year and a half riding a steeply-angled track bike on the road. Twitchy is what I like, though, so I’m not complaining. My biggest worry was that it’d have slower road bike handling, but that’s not the case. However, since the angles are slightly more relaxed than my track bike, I’m guessing the fork’s short rake has a lot to do with it.

    Compared to my steel frame, this is far more rigid, and you feel bumps in the road more. But compared to an aluminum frame, the bumps are still well muted. It’s sort of like a sports car feel, where you feel every bump in the road, but it doesn’t break your back.

    • I guess it depends what you compare it against. I have gotten used to riding 1970s racing bikes. They are twitchy. You are right though. The minimal fork rake does affect the ride, but I think it just makes the bike nimble and I would not call my FM015 twitchy by any means. Part of the reason to my experience might also be that my frame is just a little big for me.

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