We have lift-off

Today I spent another couple of hours in the garage. The time was used mainly fiddling with the drive train. I adjusted the derailleurs (back and front) and shortened the chain. The back derailleur was rubbing the cassette so I realized there was a problem. It turned out I had installed it wrong and all I had to do was adjust tensioner to match the hanger’s shape. Once that was mended I was all set. Despite the horrible SRAM instructions I had successfully put everything together. I’m kind of proud of myself.

Before I could take the bike out for a spin all I had left was to put on the lights bought from dealextreme and install a battery on to the computer. At 23.18 the bike came alive. I pushed it out of the garage and took the first turn of the crank. I was surprised the bike responded slowly, but firmly and without hesitation. I had the largest gear on and acceleration was slow at first. I picked up some speed and felt shivers down my spine. It might have been the chilly spring air, but I think it was love.


4 thoughts on “We have lift-off

    • I had this ambitious goal of taking pictures all through the process of building up the bike, but once you are in grease up to your elbows it just does not feel like a great idea to bring your beloved DSLR along.

    • Yeah,

      To be honest I haven’t gotten the derailleur settings nailed yet. On the back I don’t get it to go on the lowest gear and up front there is something funky also. Anyways, Wohoo! The bike is rideable and now the rest might be time-consuming, but something I’m gotten quite used to. The pics look real nice. FM015 is a thing of beauty. I will surely take some photos myself also once we have a little sunnier day here in Finland.


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