Cabling on

Today I spent some time in the garage tinkering with the bottom bracket. I re-checked the bottom bracket width (68mm instead of 73mm) and took off the crankset just in case I need to install some spacers. I was afraid I was going to need a huge 16mm hex key for taking off the SRAM Force non-drive side crank, but luckily only the same 12mm was needed as in the installation. Now after researching bit more my understanding is no spacers are needed anyhow on road bikes.

I also installed the gear cables today. It took a while as I kept forgetting bits and pieces. In the end I think it was fairly straight forward operation. Only things I’m still worried about are whether I have the right type of cable adjusters and how tight should I tighten the cables. I did not want to start with derailleur adjustments so I installed the computer instead. I got a cheap cabled one and to be honest I probably should have splurged on a bit better one. On the other hand I have wanted a GPS-enabled phone anyway.


3 thoughts on “Cabling on

  1. This was my first go at road shifters, and it was definitely a learning experience. I got SRAM Rivals with a Rival FD and Force RD, so at least I’m working with good parts.

    BTW, you’re lucky you went with a non-ISP frame. It’s just that much more work you have to do to get it ready to ride, and I sorta wish I’d shipped the ISP option.

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