Got me some wheels (and cranks)

The Mavic Ksyrium Ultra wheelset I ordered couple of weeks back finally arrived Friday afternoon. I was really anxious to get them and called the courier agency. Even though PDP lady said I would probably receive the pair Monday either little smooching paid off or I got lucky. Obviously once I got home the first thing I did was to try install the Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires I have had waiting for a while now.

Installation started out smoothly, but being too eager with the tyre lever I managed to puncture an inner tube. It isn’t exactly easy to wrestle the tires on, but with this little extra practice I think I got the hang off it. The key is to make sure the rest of the tire sits well on the wheel. The back wheel came out perfect, valves aligned to the tyre text and all, but I had to hit the shops next morning. Only later did I realize I had a spare tire hanging from the saddle. Ouch!

Today was a better day. I installed the crankset. No hassles there. I just had to check that the FM015 frame is 68mm 73mm so wide, but since I have GXP bottom bracket I did not need to install any spacers. To get the bike out for a spin I installed brake cables. Cutting the outer sheaths to the perfect fit is an art form. One thing I’m still not sure about is whether the inner tubing sheath needs to be replaced or not. I’m working from the assumption it does not need to be changed. I will need to tinker with the back brake cable still since I want to install an inline brake lever.

Purchasing the cyclo-cross lever is unfortunately the only thing on the critical path at the moment. Otherwise I’m all set to finish off the build with installing and adjusting the drive train. As I took the bike out for a little downhill scooting it felt really, really good. The position was excellent, the bike feels sturdy and the wheels are amazing. I can’t wait to get out on the road!


3 thoughts on “Got me some wheels (and cranks)

  1. I just got an FM015, too, and the bottom bracket is for sure 68mm:

    I’m in the middle of building mine up, but so far I’m impressed with the overall quality of the frame and fork.

    • Hi Aaron,
      Thanks for pointing that out. I will need to measure my 580 again. As always I should have measured twice first time around.

      I’m also very happy with the build quality. The frame isn’t as light as it could be, but it feels rock solid. Can’t wait to get on the road.


      • I went back and like Aaron pointed out the FM015 bottom bracket really is 68mm wide. In my defense I realized I had a tool malfunction instead of just pure negligence. Luckily the SRAM GXP bottom bracket doesn’t need spacers anyway.

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