Slow going

I thought Easter holidays might give me a chance to finish of the bike. Unfortunately I immediately ran into trouble with installing the bottom bracket. The non-drive side cup does not screw in nicely like the right-hand side does. Obviously I don’t want to use excessive force and ruin the threads. So I will be off to the friendly local bike shop (LBS) first thing after work Tuesday. I hope they have the industry standard Park Tool BTS-1 tool for reaming/chasing/tapping the bottom bracket threads.

I had some time and there is plenty to do so I spent it on other things instead. I started with installing the brake levers on the handlebars. The SRAM Force double-tap are  really impressive feat of engineering. Unfortunately the guide booklet wasn’t up to par. It took me some time to figure out how to set everything up. The shifter cable was already installed, but the brake cable needed to be threaded through the lever. It was really easy once I tried it, but based on the smutty black and white photo it was all guess work.

In all honesty I had quite a hard time trying to figure out what would be the correct installation point for the levers on the handlebar. There are just so many variables. Whether the stem points up or down, spacer stack height, how long the stem is, seat position etc. Since I don’t even have the wheelset yet I doubt I have it nailed down in a while. Adjustment and customization will probably be a long process anyway so I’m really not all that worried.

Another thing I did yesterday was removing excess paint from hole for the back brake. I think others have used sand paper. I decided to go at it with a knife and a flat-headed screw driver. I think it worked out pretty well as I was really careful not to do any damage. At least the paint is gone and everything fits like it is supposed to. I installed the brakes and test fitted with an old tubular wheelset. I think the bike looks awesome (Sorry, no pics this time around).

The last thing I did today was shortening the steering tube. I was bit hesitant to commit since it would be real easy to cut the tube too short. To my relief the whole operation was a breeze. Compared to sawing an alloy steerer carbon is really easy to work with. All I really had to do was measure about 2mm under the spacers and then cut it. Then I took some sand paper and evened out the cut to finish off and to get exactly the right length.

Stay tuned!


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