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This is a blog about carbon fibre bicycle manufacturing mainland China. I will try to collect and publish all the relevant information required to purchase your next road bike frame directly from the manufacturer. I will use the hundreds of pages of discussions on Roadbike review and Weight Weenies forums as my main sources, but I will also try to share my personal experiences as well.


2 thoughts on “Chinarello blog

  1. i need to buy a complete tt frame with seat ,wheels,etc ,i want to use shimano durace electronic set ,please tell me wich of the vendors frame has the most exact look and geometry from the real ones ? i only see the tt handlebars in the gotobike site ,is any other vendor making or selling them ? i really apreciate your help on this ,thank you and have a nice day !

    • To be honest I don’t know too much about time trial bikes since as a topic it just hasn’t interested me (yet anyway). What I can tell you is that if you want the whole bike from one point your best bet would be go to your local bike shop and ask them to set one up for you. You can order just some of the parts (eg. frame, groupset and wheels) and let them source the rest. To me the beauty of these chinese frames is that you get the pleasure of building it up. If you want a ready made bike just order one from the stock catalogue.

      There are no real or fake bikes. All bikes have different geometries and I don’t see the point of getting an exact copy. You want to get the one that suits you. It is true that buying blind can result in a bike that will not be a perfect fit. However just like in a professional bike shop you can make adjustments yourself. In the end they can only give you their best guess of saddle height, stem length and crank length that would be just right for you. My understanding is that you will need to decide in the end. TT especially is one of those sports where you are not aiming only for comfort, but aerodynamics also so you need to make those compromises yourself.

      As for the handlebars that is again one area where you will just have to try different combinations. The good thing is that it will be fairly easy to sell any components you don’t find suitable for your purposes. Better yet buy stuff second hand and get to meet your local TT community. I have found the exchanges between cycling enthusiasts really fun. You learn a lot talking to people who have been in the sport for a while and newbies can feed off you.

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