Plans for 2016

Bergö, sommaröarna

It is new year again and this year I will become officially old. I will be turning 40 and become eligible for senior sports. The good thing about cycling is that you regularly see old geezers still managing to keep up with the bunch, show panache and even fight for the win. So there is still hope and I have no intention of giving up on my ever broadening plan of becoming a real cyclist one day. For this season I’m looking forward to overcoming strenuous physical challenges on newly built bikes. Continue reading

I hate Finland

kalassa 001

My home country Finland has been in the news lately regarding native population’s hostile attitudes towards iraqi refugees. I don’t personally mind multiculturalism or little diversity, but I understand how the anti-immigration sentiments have been brought about. The fact is our government has just proposed big cuts to the lower class’ paychecks and are basically ruining the welfare state. With this turmoil it is no wonder people are worried about the influx of foreigners entering the country and requiring scarce funds. Continue reading

Review: Rapha


You can call me a MAMIL or a snob I don’t care. I’m also well aware that with my gut I look like a tosser both on and off the bike. I’m still not going to lie. I like wearing Rapha gear. To be honest I have never felt comfortable with Assos, Castelli, Nalini or any other race-fit clothing brands. They just felt too pretentious and racey for my liking. Rapha ticks all the boxes between vintage racing and relaxed performance. Continue reading

Plenty to do

Sommar öarna

This autumn I will be taking it easy cycling wise. I will have my hands full with the plumbing renovation and new client at work. To be make my life simpler I made a decision to skip TdH and other sportives. The only bit of cycling will be commuting on the days I don’t have to take the kid to pre-school.  The only question is what bike can I use for the 60k round trip. Continue reading

Upping the ante

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Weather has been pretty terrible and I started to get little lazy during my summer holiday. It was time to harden up and just deal with the drizzle. First I rode slowly 197k around Lake Lohja and then a 50km lap around Lake Bodom at a decent 28km/h speed. Finally to really push it I rode 100km to Hämeenlinna with over 31km/h average. So apparently rest is good and little rain will not hurt if you just go fast enough. I also went to see finnish championships in road and track cycling. It was lot of fun just watching, but maybe I should get a racing license next year.

Taking it slow


Riding the long route home from Sääksjärvi beach

I’ve been on holiday and mainly spent my days fishing or playing soccer with my son. It has already been couple of weeks since I have done any serious riding or any other sports for that matter. It starts to be time to get back in action again. The goal of the summer was to do some adventure type rides, but this far I haven’t gotten around to doing anything of that sort. The ill-fated gravel grinding segments were fun, but do not really count. I want to go on a proper bike expedition with camping gear. On other news I took part in an amateur track riding competition at the local velodrome. Even though I couldn’t attend for the whole day the Velorution event was a blast and couldn’t recommend it more. Trying new things is always worth the effort. There is still plenty of summer left so let’s see what kind of surprises there are in store for us. I have been meaning to go ride some downhill at Porvoo or Klaukkala and maybe I will finally ride around Lake Lohja or do the 7 brothers route.

So far – So good

Motala 001 Last weekend I took part in the 297km Vättern Rundan cyclosportive and I’m quite happy with the result. This time I rode with TUT-EIK group and it proved to be a good choice. Their jolly company and the much better 2:52 start time gave me a real chance to better my dismal result from last year. The weather in Motala was just great and the bike worked like it should. Of course there are always things to improve upon, but I couldn’t really hope for a much better trip over all. Continue reading

Season so far

In Finland the spring time, especially May, tends to be the best time to ride a road bike. Plenty of sunshine and mild temperatures (15-20C) are the perfect conditions for cycling. This time the spring has however been unconditionally cold and windy. Luckily there have been some clear days and I have still managed to get a reasonable amount of miles in. Vättern Rundan is getting close and I’m getting bit anxious. I’m trying to avoid riding too often and too long so that I wouldn’t fall ill right before the big event like I did last year. The longest ride this far is 113km, but I’m pretty confident I should be able to finish. I haven’t really actively trained my body for utilizing body fat instead of carbs. I have some other tricks up my sleeve.

  • To cope with the cold feet I’m going to be using chemical toe warmers
  • Actively drinking and eating during the first 100km to avoid bonking
  • Buying a bigger battery to keep the Garmin charged through the whole ride

I hope these should help me avoid meeting the man with the hammer. If all else fails I will just keep grinding and try to pass the time playing with my new video gadget. There will be a beer waiting at the end after all.

Something done right

lenkillä 003

After the first three rides of the season it seems I have done something right during the winter. I did gain some weight, but riding on the road everything feels great. It seems I’m in a fairly good condition and most importantly  performance just has not dropped as drastically as it did over the previous off-seasons. There are probably some good explanations for the way things panned out.

I never ended up running to work, but I kept commuting daily through the winter. I did some short runs before Christmas and some excellent weekend single-track rides on the snowy trails. Also I had ended the season late in Italy and now I  have been able to start quite early. My asthma feels better as the roads have been cleaned up early. I may have also been in much better shape to start with. So it seems it was combination of things that did the trick.

Of course the great feeling may also just be the difference between a steel frame and carbon. Now we have had some bad weather (snow, sleet, rain – your pick) and I have missed some opportunities due to a flu. So I’m little unsure about my current shape after a two week hiatus from riding. I will also be very busy at work, renovating the new flat and there is a trip coming up next week so I really need put some miles in whenever the weather is warm and sunny like today.

If I just manage to find the time to it shouldn’t take too long to get back into shape. I’m starting to feel the pressure of VätternRundan already. Riding the 1000km recommended before mid-June is going to be tough.