On the Archipelago trail: 2022 edition

After last year’s experience cycling solo in the beautiful Turku archipelago I was really keen to show the area to my family. Unfortunately we had a bit of a health emergency during mid summer and that threw a spanner in the works. I had already booked a cottage at the Brännskär island so we ended up going on an father-son excursion. The first part was planned to consist of fishing and cottage life. For the second part the idea was to do island hopping with ferries and road bikes. As it often turns out all in all the experience was fantastic. Despite the risks it was really pleasant to spend one on one time with a pre-teen.

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Season 2022 in retrospect

The goals for the year 2022 weren’t all that ambitious cycling wise, but looking back I think I have to be pretty happy how things turned out. We got some health issues in the family during the summer, but I still got to ride ~3600km and do a lot of other things.

  • I got a new job as an enterprise architect at a cool company and cycled 8km to city all summer
  • I worked on learning new skills and at least my skateboarding got lot more stable
  • Nicest experiences were cycling with my son the archipelago trail and 100km to Porvoo

We never got around to going paddling or overnight trekking. My piano note-reading and popping skills also still need to be honed during the winter. I got some stock in the company I work for, but I need to start looking into doing more investment now.

The only one thing I can hope for now is that Ukraine can kick some ass and we repel the orcs from Europe until they know how to behave. Slava Ukraini!

Review: White Aero Killer

I bought the White Aero Killer three seasons ago so it is probably a good time to assess how I feel about it now that I have extended experience with it. The first thing to note is that the bike I had in the end was very different from what I originally bought. I basically changed all the components so the only thing left was pretty much the frame.

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Message to all russian nationals

There is very little we can do here in the western Europe to stop Russia from their abhorrent attack on a sovereign nation. It is the duty of russian nationals themselves to make it clear to those in power that the aggression can not be tolerated. There is no reason why anybody with a russian passport should not voice their opinion when people are dying in Ukraine. Keeping your mouth shut claiming to be afraid of potential harassment to self or relatives just shows there is even more reason to take to the streets. There is no time for dialogue when innocent lives are lost. Now is your only chance – future generations will judge you.

Slava Ukraini!

Goals for 2022

I’ve been publishing my yearly goals for a while now. I have treated them like most people treat their new year resolutions. I make them public and hope that my innate accountability helps accomplish things.

  • A new job with brilliant colleagues that can push me to develop
  • Learn a new skill (piano, skateboarding, popping, stock investment)
  • New experiences (paddling trip, overnight trekking, new cycling routes)

It is bit of a mixed bag this time, but let’s see how this year turns out. I’m sure I will not have time for everything and that is fine. All I can hope is that the year will be rewarding in many ways.

Season 2021 in retrospect

Last year I decided to step back a little bit from cycling and try to promote variety with tracking just the exercise hours. The main goal was to just keep myself active despite the pandemic restrictions.

Results are in and I’m pretty happy.

  • Got to the average of 54min of activity per day
  • Rode 72km around the Tuusula lake with my 12-year old son
  • Never managed the brevet, but rode the short archipelago route

While mileage was not high on my agenda I still managed to reach the second highest end result when the indoor cycling was included. Instead of cycling I actually did 32h of XC skiing and 15 hours of my rediscovered love, skateboarding. Skiing was a great addition as there was little less ice-hockey than usual (59h).

Small hands on hoods

The three important contact points to a road bike are saddle, pedals and brake hoods. Different styles of saddles and crank lengths are easily available and switching between them is fairly simple mechanics job. With road bike brake hoods there is not so much variety. You need to have correct size to be able to ride, change gears and especially brake safely. The brake lever and gear selector can be hard to reach and diameter needs to be comfortable to ride comfortably on hoods. Continue reading

Elvis has left the building

I’ve told you about my good friend Frank earlier. A week ago I received the sad news that he has passed away. He battled for a good year and a half before his health inevitably deteriorated. He was tested in ways no human should have to suffer. The incredible thing is he stayed positive despite all the hardships that were thrown his way. While it was all very sad I can only be inspired by that unrelenting attitude. The sad fact is that he always was a much better man than I can ever be. I’m just amazed how with all the pain he kept reaching out to people and actively making a positive impact on others’ lives.

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On the archipelago trail: 2021 edition

One of the iconic cycling routes in Finland is a loop around the beautiful archipelago around the west coast city of Turku. The full “Saariston rengastie” route is around 220km long, but there is also a shorter version (“pieni rengastie”) and both can be ridden in a day. I had been meaning to do the long one, but chickened out and ended up riding the short version in the beginning of August.

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What you measure matters

This year I have not tracked my riding distance, but instead decided to concentrate on time spent doing any sporting activities in the name of fun. The goal for this year is 365h. The graph above depicts hours spent doing any sports with 2021 in green and orange is 2020. Last year I made it to 300h and the result this far is close to 250h. Really happy with that and I have not even counted hiking, playing soccer with my son or my refound hobby skateboarding

It feels like I have done so much more than just cycling all the time. Still outside riding mileage is surprisingly close to what the status was last year. This year the virtual riding was replaced to large extent by nordic skiing and ice hockey outdoors. I have to admit in the past I have played floorball and basketball that I have not marked in any way so the statistics are not totally accurate. Still I think the graph shows that I have managed to raise the number of hours exactly like I planned.