Cranking it up

sipoo 005

This year the spring turned to summer early. It is good news as I have been running late on my training schedule. Now I’ve managed to do plenty of gravel riding on dry roads taking some exciting short cuts through national parks in Sipoo and Nuuksio. I forgot to install the inline adjusters to the front mech so I’ve been doing the riding mostly on the small ring. Previous seasons it has forced me from winter mashing to proper pedaling technique. The higher cadence seems to be working great as I’ve been smashing some personal records.

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Hockey cross-training

hockey 003.jpg

When I was a kid I used to play ice hockey, but stopped fairly early and I was left with an itch. As my son went to skating school I thought it was time to pick-up where I left off. Luckily I found couple of different amateur teams that were looking for players for their practice games. The only problem was transport, but with the Bob Yak trailer that proved to be no obstacle, at least on these soggy spring roads.

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New road bike

So I sold my trusty old FM015 last autumn and now as the temperatures slowly rose I started scouring the web for a second-hand replacement. There were lot of good options (Giant, Trek, Canondale) on the local bikes-for-sale sites, but in the end I could not resist an offer for RT-90 frame in the Planet-X sale. I had that 10-speed Sram Force groupo laying around and all I was really looking for was the frame. Yesterday was a new bike day (NBD), yay!rt90 002 Continue reading

New track bike

Track 003

Last autumn I sold my Cinelli Mash and replaced it with second hand Planet-X Carbon track. Originally I was thinking I would buy a new track model direct from China. On closer inspection the frame had a fairly high bottom bracket and I’m afraid of crank hitting the banked velodrome. We will see how moving from aluminium frame to a carbon one is going to change things up. I’m just going to recycle the parts from the Mash so it should be fairly easy to compare.

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Plans for 2016

Bergö, sommaröarna

It is new year again and this year I will become officially old. I will be turning 40 and become eligible for senior sports. The good thing about cycling is that you regularly see old geezers still managing to keep up with the bunch, show panache and even fight for the win. So there is still hope and I have no intention of giving up on my ever broadening plan of becoming a real cyclist one day. For this season I’m looking forward to overcoming strenuous physical challenges on newly built bikes. Continue reading

I hate Finland

kalassa 001

My home country Finland has been in the news lately regarding native population’s hostile attitudes towards iraqi refugees. I don’t personally mind multiculturalism or little diversity, but I understand how the anti-immigration sentiments have been brought about. The fact is our government has just proposed big cuts to the lower class’ paychecks and are basically ruining the welfare state. With this turmoil it is no wonder people are worried about the influx of foreigners entering the country and requiring scarce funds. Continue reading

Review: Rapha


You can call me a MAMIL or a snob I don’t care. I’m also well aware that with my gut I look like a tosser both on and off the bike. I’m still not going to lie. I like wearing Rapha gear. To be honest I have never felt comfortable with Assos, Castelli, Nalini or any other race-fit clothing brands. They just felt too pretentious and racey for my liking. Rapha ticks all the boxes between vintage racing and relaxed performance. Continue reading