Review: Planet-X RT-90

One of the reasons for finally ending up buying the frame from Planet-X was the intrigue regarding the difference between the customer service “a real bike brand” can provide over what the chinese merchants give. The carbon fiber frames themselves are the same so the only real added-value would be created by the personnel. In all honesty I haven’t been too impressed by what Planet-X has had to offer so far. Nevertheless I’m reasonably satisfied with my purchase.

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Crash boom bang


I broke my pretty new frame in a freak accident. For some unknown reason a driver decided to start backing up all of a sudden. I managed to dodge to the side, but fell over.   The top tube suffered a crack and the frame is pretty much toast. It may be the high modulus carbon’s inability to take any load from the side or I just got real unlucky. Needless to say I’m not too happy even thought I escaped with a bruise in the shin. Rest of the season is ruined as it will take time to sort out things with the insurance company. The  only good thing is that I may have a chance to cut open the frame to see what’s inside.

Review: Power2Max Type S

My Sram crankset broke so I was Forced to look for alternatives. In the past I have been quite frugal with my cycling-related purchases. I have managed to buy just one big ticket item a year. I already bought a new frame, but I have been meaning to get a power meter for a while now. So now as the opportunity arose I went ahead splurged on a Rotor 3D+ chainset with a Power2Max power meter. As it turns out this investment has been well worth the money.image

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Live and learn

I had set fairly formidable goal for my third Vättern Rundan sportive. Heading into the event the weather forecasts were not looking promising, but I was still pumped to do my best. In the end it was not the rain and the wind that caused me to fail. I made some tactically bad moves that I just need to learn from. Even though I’m pretty disappointed I shouldn’t be too hard on myself. At least I made it through safe and sound and the trip with the Team-Jape crew was lot of fun (see the video by Esa).

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Training on track

noksu 001Preparation for this year’s Vättern Rundan has been going as planned. I’ve pretty much ridden the 1000km suggested as suitable training. I’ve done a heterogeneous mix of gravel, road and track. I have avoided long rides (longest day 140km) and weight loss attempts as I have wanted to stay healthy and aim is to ride fast. I would really like to bag an under 9 hours time, but that would really require a slam dunk (over 33km/h). To be honest I would be happy if I just stay safe and avoid any road side repairs.  Continue reading

Cranking it up

sipoo 005

This year the spring turned to summer early. It is good news as I have been running late on my training schedule. Now I’ve managed to do plenty of gravel riding on dry roads taking some exciting short cuts through national parks in Sipoo and Nuuksio. I forgot to install the inline adjusters to the front mech so I’ve been doing the riding mostly on the small ring. Previous seasons it has forced me from winter mashing to proper pedaling technique. The higher cadence seems to be working great as I’ve been smashing some personal records.

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Hockey cross-training

hockey 003.jpg

When I was a kid I used to play ice hockey, but stopped fairly early and I was left with an itch. As my son went to skating school I thought it was time to pick-up where I left off. Luckily I found couple of different amateur teams that were looking for players for their practice games. The only problem was transport, but with the Bob Yak trailer that proved to be no obstacle, at least on these soggy spring roads.

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New road bike

So I sold my trusty old FM015 last autumn and now as the temperatures slowly rose I started scouring the web for a second-hand replacement. There were lot of good options (Giant, Trek, Canondale) on the local bikes-for-sale sites, but in the end I could not resist an offer for RT-90 frame in the Planet-X sale. I had that 10-speed Sram Force groupo laying around and all I was really looking for was the frame. Yesterday was a new bike day (NBD), yay!rt90 002 Continue reading